Troubling the Waters

Troubling the water comes from the tradition of the Pool of Bethesda. When the waters were troubled there was said to be an angel in the water who would heal anyone who jumped in the water.

This online seminar is a chance for all of us to jump in the healing waters together and find resources and support for those who are in the process of healing and those who are supporting their loved ones through the process of their healing.

Registration is $25.00, securely through PayPal

  • A place for you to share your stories and experiences with people who will understand your journey
  • A bibliography of spiritual resources of books, sermons and articles
  • The opportunity to work with Floyd Thompkins in answering the discussion questions in By The Pool of Bethesda
  • Practical approaches and techniques to improve family communication and address family tensions around the support of those who are fighting for their healing.
  • Real take away activities and exercises for you to bolster your resilience in the struggle to be healed
  • An opportunity to add to the database of innovative ideas of support for people in churches and caring communities
  • And much more as the spirit leads

This seven week course is a celebration, an aid and a tool of empowerment for those who have been given a terminal diagnoses and/or suffer from a chronic disease and the people who love them. Registration for this seven-week course is only $25.00 using the Buy Now button below.

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Too often, the attitude of Christians toward those who are sick or suffering is less than ideal. To be blunt, sometimes it is abominable...By The Pool of Bethesda was like a breath of fresh air to me. Rev. Floyd Thompkins, Jr. had put into words what needed to be said, what begged to be understood. This book is the soul of the Gospel in a nutshell.
(Rev.) William H. Carey
President and Dean of Students, Apostolic Institute of Ministry in Ferndale, Michigan